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Time-critical logistics delivering the goods

We live in a time when instant gratification is the norm. Businesses need to get their goods moving to stay competitive. The logistics sector has undergone a paradigm shift, using global connectivity and the latest technological advances to respond to shifting trade demands at the blink of an eye.

Time-critical logistics, the efficient movement of goods and information within strict time constraints, is now an essential element of the supply chain.

Beating the clock
GAC is an old hand at beating the clock and has the global reach, multi-modal expertise and frontline know-how to take care of time-sensitive shipments.

Our spares delivery arm GAC Marine Logistics minimises ships’ downtimes at sea by offering fast, dependable and efficient door-to-deck delivery of marine parts around the world.

GAC ship supplies

GAC is a pioneer of contract logistics services in the Middle East, having opened the Gulf’s first distribution centre in Dubai in 1993. 30 years later, the GAC Logistics Park in Jebel Ali Free Zone remains one of the region’s largest and most advanced.

That winning formula has been replicated by GAC with world-class warehousing & distribution capabilities throughout the region as well as in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. Our integrated network of offices allows for global supply chain optimisation with an end-to-end service for all clients. Around the world, major manufacturers, distributors and retailers from the fashion, pharmaceutical, consumer goods and automotive sectors rely on GAC’s contract logistics support.

GAC contract logistics

It's part of an award-winning formula which last year saw the GAC Group win the Transportation and Logistics Award at The Maritime Standard Awards, for the third time, for its leading integrated logistics services.

Pandemic demand
Consumers’ expectation of same-day delivery and real-time tracking have escalated demand for fast, reliable logistics for anything from shampoo and clothing to medical supplies or automotive spare parts. And the lockdowns, travel restrictions and labour shortage that disrupted the supply chain during Covid-19 only boosted that demand further.

The pandemic highlighted the crucial role of time-critical logistics for the healthcare sector to ensure the efficient distribution of medical supplies, vaccines and essential goods. Rapid response and coordination between governments, organisations and industries was crucial.

When a vaccine became available, distribution demanded utmost precision and coordination as well as strict compliance with prevailing trade regulations, strict rules governing the handling of pharmaceuticals and COVID-19 restrictions.

GAC rose to that challenge in many places around the world, including the Philippines where - as the country’s only customs broker handling clearance for all private sector-led imports of the Moderna vaccine - they completed the urgent clearance of more than 150,540 doses. The company also delivered more than half a million Molnupiravir pills - the first oral treatments for COVID-19 - to Local Government Units and hospitals throughout the country when it became available in Philippines.

In China, GAC worked closely with the authorities to ensure the smooth and safe operation of ports and helping to keep vital supply chains moving. GAC was directly involved in transporting medical supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE) and implementing strict health and safety protocols at its facilities.

That commitment to maintaining customers’ supply chains was evident in other sectors as well. When European automotive suppliers needed to transport their cargo from different parts of Europe to factories in China amid unstable air and sea freight markets, GAC came up with a unique solution: chartering our own flights from Europe to China. With daily pick-ups and several dedicated weekly flight departures, GAC met our customers’ needs for guaranteed space for regular deliveries, short transit times and competitive rates on a long-term basis, even during crises.

Because of its operational expertise and good relationships with the authorities, GAC was granted a special licence during the Shanghai lockdown which gave it the ability to continue cargo movements even in locked-down areas. The ability to make the last mile delivery all the way from Europe to the local factories, while other freight forwarders were only able to handle shipments up to the airport, seaport or railway station, sets GAC apart from the crowd.

Race against time
Time pressures of another kind came into play when GAC served as the official logistics provider for The Ocean Race for the third time in a row. As the Race sailed around the globe, the GAC Pindar team stayed one step ahead providing vital event logistics and freight forwarding for the competing teams and setting up base camps at each of the stopovers at Cabo Verde, South Africa, Brazil, USA, Denmark, The Netherlands and Italy.

The tight race schedule meant solid logistics planning was crucial, with multiple routings to ensure all the equipment was at the right place at the right time.

Complex formula
It takes a complex formula of resources, expertise and collaboration to get your goods to market on time, in the right quantities, and in good shape.

GAC Air Freight CT20

GAC’s specialised contract logistics and value-added services can take the strain of the multi-faceted operation, with full supply chain visibility freeing you up to focus on your core business. Established, reputable service providers like GAC can help navigate the intricacies of time-critical logistics promptly and precisely.

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