Working instruction for COVID-19 prevention and control

12 Mar 2020 / Merak, Indonesia

Following precautions are taken and reviewed regularly for necessary adjustments:

  1. Everyone (employees and all visitors including truck drivers and surveyors) must pass the body temperature check at the entry gate. Security guard will record the temperatures to facilitate tracking if necessary. Anyone with a body temperature equal or above 37.5 deg C and/or flu/col like symptoms will not be allowed to enter the terminal and will be advised to take necessary steps such as returning home or consulting medical advice.

  2. Anyone feeling unwell or showing flu/cold like symptoms during work will be asked to leave the terminal and stay at home and consult medical advice.

  3. Vopak Terminal Merak has restricted both business and personal travel especially to the endemic areas (WHO list). Any trip requires prior approval from the direct supervisor of the employee. At this moment such approval is only granted on an exceptional basis.

  4. Any audit or visit involving overseas guests will be postponed where possible and in case of visitors from any of the affected countries (WHO list), additional measures such as prior self-quarantine, tracking o travel/contact history will be applied. Therefore, please advise any plan visiting our terminal at least 7 days in advance.

  5. Avoid attending or conducting events with more than 10 persons. Telephone/video conferencing is a recommended solution during this period of time.

  6. On the operational side:
    a. Every vessel must declare in writing it is free from COVID-19 and the jetty master must follow mitigation (PPE, distance, not eating food and drink from the vessel).
    b. During the ship pre-arrival meeting, Vopak Terminal Merak have to inform the ship agent or customer to ensure that all ship crews are always using proper PPE during loading/unloading process at the jetty. Ship agent or customer should provide the required documents, especially for the international sailing
    - the last 10 voyages of the vessel/ship
    - Marine Health Declaration from the last port.
    c. Quarantine process should be done at the anchorage area. If it is not possible because of safety reasons, i.e. bad weather, big waves, etc, then the quarantine office will send the notification to the CCR regarding the possibility of a quarantine process at the Vopak Terminam Merak’s jetty.

(For further details and updates, as well as information about operations in Indonesia, contact PT Andhika GAC at [email protected])

Source: Extract from PT Vopak Terminal Merak letter dated 10 March 2020

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