Waiver of travel restriction for shipping related personnel

26 Mar 2020 / Bangladesh

To slow the spread of [COVID-19] and mitigate its impacts, travel advisories have been issued by many jurisdictions including Bangladesh. However, shipping services are required to continue to be operational so that vital goods and essential commodities like fuel, medical supplies, food grains etc., are delivered in a way that the economic activity of the nation is not disrupted.

It is, therefore, important that the flow of goods by sea should not be needlessly disrupted while also the safety of life and protection of the environment taken care off. In view of the same, waiver to travel restriction for shipping related personnel is essential.

Shipping related personnel shall maintain WHO Guidelines regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) and all other instructions/ guidelines/ advisories/ precautions issued on Coronavirus (COVID-19) by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare/Directorate General of Health Services, Bangladesh. Shipping related personnel while going out for essential duty purpose shall carry valid identity card/pass.

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Source: Bangladesh Department of Shipping Circular Number: 03/2020 dated 25 March 2020

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