Visitors to submit declaration for entry to terminal

11 Apr 2020 / Motor Oil Hellas installations, Greece

The following instructions are in force for entry to Motor Oil Hellas (MOH) terminal since 9 April and until further notice:

Any inspector or technician that wishes to visit a vessel alongside or at MOH anchorage, is obliged to submit to Security Terminal Department, at least 24 hours prior to their arrival, the MOH VISITOR’S DECLARATION duly filled in, justifying the necessity of their visit and providing the requested information with personal responsibility.

Once the information provided is evaluated, the Terminal Department will reply informing whether the application for entry is accepted or rejected.

The following are exempted from the above:
- Cargo surveyors officially appointed by MOH commercial department
- Suppliers
- Port Authorities

To avoid any confusion, please submit the form via vessel’s agent.

Applications for entry by Cargo Superintendents have to be initially made with MOH commercial department via official line, so that application can be accepted.

You are requested to minimize the above visits in order to protect public health as well as the health of crew and terminal’s personnel.

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