Vessels & crew arriving from Indian ports

14 May 2021 / Tianjin, China

Tianjin Customs have advised that for vessels which have called Indian ports within 21 days before arrival Tianjin, a PCR test for all crew members after berthing.

Within 21 days of arrival Tianjin, local Customs will arrange a PCR test for signed-on crew members signed on from Indian ports, Indian crew members or crew from countries close to India (Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc) after berthing.

If a vessel has called at an Indian ports in its voyage before arriving at Tianjin, its public areas will need to be disinfected with records made. Relevant copies of records are required by local Customs after going alongside.

Discharging will not be done until negative results of PCR tests is obtained. It normally takes around one day for the result.

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