Updated visa application & crew change procedure

24 Sep 2020 / Indonesia

Indonesia’s updated visa application and crew change procedure, in light of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, is as follows:

- Any foreign crew joining vessel in Indonesia must hold transit visa index 211
- Validity of passport minimum 6 months
- On-signers must have PCR test result with validity 14 days
- When arriving in Indonesia, crew must show negative PCR test result at the airport
- PCR result must be shown to quarantine before joining vessel at respective port
- On-signers are allowed to join the vessel once the sign-on process done

[Note: PT Andhika GAC can apply Telex Visa at Immigration office and provides LOI as supporting documents for joiner to apply for visa 211 at the Indonesia embassy in their home country. There are 3 options to get telex visa as follows:
1. Less than 2 days process
2. 3-5 days process
3. 14 days process]

- Vessel must show the daily body temperature check of the crew
- Off-signers must take rapid test and PCR test. In some ports, rapid test will be done by quarantine on board but for other ports, rapid and PCR test will be done in hospital
- The off-signer will be taken to the local hospital for PCR test then will be transported to the recommended hotel by Covid-19 task force for quarantine while waiting the PCR test result. Approximately 3-7 days.
- Crew members whose test are negative are allowed to go back to their home countries after Immigration process is done.
- Those whose test are positive will be taken to regional referral quarantine hospital by ambulance.

[NOTE: Off-signing is possible in Indonesia as far as the flight ticket is available for repatriation.]

Telex visas are subject to Immigration discretion.

Costs of LOI and telex will still apply as soon as submission process started.

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