Updated status of crew changes

28 May 2020 / France

Changes have been made regarding the possibility of and requirements for crew changes at several French ports.

At Dunkirk and Calais, a new form is to be filled and carried by each crew allowing travels of seamen in France.

At Le Havre, Fos, Martigue, Lavera and Marseille, crew changes are possible for all nationalities. Crew changes are also possible at Rouen.

Crew changes are authorised at Nantes but may be affected by the closure of Nantes Airport, which may re-open on 8 June.

At La Rochelle, Pallice and Bordeaux, crew changes are possible subject to port authority approval. Bordeaux Airport will re-open gradually.

Crew changes are possible for Schenghen nationalities at Bayonne.

At Sete, crew changes are also possible, subject to flight availability at Montpelier Airport.

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Source: SEA-Invest Shipping Agency – GAC agent

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