Updated crew change protocol & requirements

21 Mar 2022 / Mauritius

A PCR test is no longer requested for incoming passengers to Mauritius, including crews. Instead, arrivals are only required to take an Antigen/PCR test at the airport and hotel.

All arriving passengers shall:
- take a health insurance covering COVID-19 (Mauritian Nationals and occupation/resident permit holders excepted)
- complete the Mauritius all-in-one travel form and fill in the disembarkation form
- wear a surgical or N95/FFP2 mask during the flight, at the airport and while commuting to their place of residence
- make frequent use of hand sanitizer during their transit at the airport
- abide by all sanitary health conditions as laid down in the protocol set out by the Ministry of Health and Wellness for transfer and stay at the designated hotels or other accommodations

(For information about operations in Mauritius, contact the GAC Dubai Hub Agency Centre at [email protected])

Source: Celero Shipping – GAC agent

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