Updated COVID-19 regulations

14 Oct 2021 / Norway

Crew changes are permitted in Norway but limitations are in place for crew under quarantine, normally non-EU/EEA/Schengen-citizens, depending on nationality and travel route including transit airports.

Crew from countries that have signed the ILO 108 or 185 treaty can travel without a Schengen visa via a non-Schengen country to and from Norway.

For non-ILO 108/185-nationality crew members, a Schengen visa can be applied for off-signers, but there is not guarantee that it will be granted by Immigration as this is case by case-related. In general, the immigration authorities are reluctant to issue visa for planned crew changes. Emergency visa will normally be issued.

C19 testing applies for crew subject to quarantine, generally for 3rd country citizens but in some cases also EU/EEA/Schengen nationals, depending on factors like their travel route including transit airports, vaccination status verifiable according to EU-standard and exposure to C19 the past six months, also verifiable acc. to EU-standard.

Border registration for entry to Norway is mandatory for both on- and off-signers, but only when subject to quarantine.

On-signers under quarantine will be subject to C-19 test at the border crossing point, usually the airport. All international airports have a testing area.

A ten-day combined quarantine onshore/onboard for crew after arriving Norway applies and the crew signing on must stay in full quarantine and not start working onboard until a negative result is received. For exceptions to this rule, the recommended procedure is as follows:
a) crew can take a PCR (RT-PCR) on day three after arriving Norway and will be free from quarantine after this test is negative, or
b) take ART on day four to end the quarantine.
Off-signers under quarantine are subject to C19-testing (primarily by ART) when signing off or within 24 hours after disembarking the vessel. The test must be arranged by the agent or owner.

Crew members will be put under quarantine if their vessel has been in a “red status” port. The sea passage period will not be deducted from time of quarantine.

Crew members will not be put under quarantine if their vessel has been in a “green/orange status” port. Some exceptions may apply.

Crew that are vaccinated or have been subject to C-19 the last six months will be free from quarantine, regardless. Only vaccination and certificate approved according to EU/Norwegian standard is accepted as verification.

People arriving to take up work on a vessel at a Norwegian port that shall leave the port within three days after the crew has signed on, shall remain in entry quarantine both during and outside working hours until they have tested negative for SARS-CoV-2 in a test taken during the first 24 hours after their arrival in Norway. The worker must then remain in entry quarantine outside working hours (but can work during working hours). After a PCR-test is taken on day 3 (or ART on day 4), they will be free from quarantine.
Quarantine onboard the vessel can only be carried out in single cabins.

Crew who leave the ship and thus are obliged to enter quarantine, may travel to their planned destination and comply with quarantine restrictions (transit out of Norway from vessel to airport or border, via quarantine hotel if required). Off-signers do not have to serve the full ten days’ quarantine ashore and may leave Norway after taking the mandatory C-19-test as soon as possible after disembarking.

The agent will issued OKTB/LOI for all 3rd part nationalities and in some cases for EU/EEA/Schengen/UK-citizens, if they are under quarantine.

All vessels must issue and forward the following documents and information for planned disembarkation:
a) Crew list with date and place for embarkation
b) Travel route of any crew that has been onboard less than 10 days
c) Master’s Declation of Health (MDOH)
d) last 10 ports

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