Updated COVID-19 information

21 Mar 2020 / Norway

The Norwegian Government has closed all airports and harbors, and only Norwegian citizens are allowed to enter. Exceptions are made for crew and other professionals needed to handle the flow of goods and transports, including vessel crew. However, crew changes need to be held to an absolute minimum.

Crew members and other persons on board who have not had any contact with persons outside the ship, and who are signing off in Norway after at least days on board without any symptoms, may be regarded as not infectious and do not need to be put in quarantine. Quarantine can be served on board, for at least 14 days after crew last went ashore in non-Norwegian port. However, quarantine can be imposed for on- and off-signing crew in Norway.

If hotel accommodation is required, only hotels categorized as Quarantine hotel by local medical officer is allowed.

Shore leave is NOT permitted in any Norwegian ports.

All ports in Norway are closed for passenger transport, but cruise ships can come alongside for provisions, water supply, garbage removal and crew changes. Passengers and crew are not allowed to leave ships.

Visitors, services and inspections must be kept at an absolute minimum, and may in some ports not be allowed.

Loading/unloading operations at shipping terminals and flow of goods is not affected by this decision, but some HSSE precautions have been implemented related to Corona virus.

For further details and updates, as well as information about operations, contact GAC Norway at [email protected] or go to https://deliveringyourstrategy.no/information-regarding-covid-19/

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