Updated COVID-19 factsheet

02 Nov 2021 / Australia

The Australian Federal Government has updated its COVID-19 information fact sheet for the maritime industry to provide information on quarantine requirements and infection prevention measures.

Maritime crew travelling to Australia by air must comply with Australia’s Safe Air Travel requirements. This includes pre-departure testing and mask-wearing on flights.

Maritime crew must not join a vessel or travel domestically if they have any signs of illness. They should seek medical assistance.

Many states and territories require international maritime crew arriving in Australia (via aircraft) to quarantine for 14 days at the point of arrival.

It is important for maritime crew disembarking a vessel in Australia to check the requirements with the relevant state and territory before arrival. No matter how much time a crew member has spent on the vessel, foreign crew disembarking a vessel may travel internationally out of Australia. They can travel by sea or air, provided they go directly to the vessel or airport.

Crew who are not exempt from quarantine need to complete their 14 days of quarantine on arrival. Crew must quarantine in the city they arrive in for 14 days, even if they plan to travel elsewhere in Australia. As long as crew are well, they should not need to complete a second 14 days of quarantine if they fly to another state or territory. Crew who have completed quarantine in a domestic ‘hotspot’ must transit directly from the place they completed quarantine to the vessel or flight. If direct travel does not occur, they may need to complete a second period of quarantine on arrival in another state or territory.

At all times (even if crew have been at sea for more than 14 days) crew on board a vessel:

  • are permitted to undertake vessel functions at the port but are strongly advised to wear PPE (face masks) while doing this.
  • are strongly advised to limit interactions with non-crew such as marine pilots and government officers.
  • are strongly advised to wear PPE (masks), maintain physical distancing and practice hand hygiene in public spaces on-board the vessel when non-crew are on-board.
  • must report if they have fever (37.5⁰C or above), cough, sore throat, tiredness, shortness of breath, night sweats, chills, loss of smell or loss of taste.

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