Unified Command continues Key Bridge Response 2024

29 Mar 2024 / Baltimore, United States

The Unified Command continues to coordinate response operations Thursday to the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse.

Dive operations and vehicle recovery are paused due to hazardous conditions caused by the submerged wreckage and debris.

The Unified Command has established a 2000-yard Safety Zone for the M/V Dali recovery efforts. The safety zone is enforced for the protection of personnel, vessels, and the marine environment from the potential hazards associated with salvage work.

On-Scene crews continue to assess and monitor for spilled oils and hazardous substances to prevent further discharge or release into the marine environment. There is 2,400 feet of sorbent boom deployed at the incident site, and 2,400 feet of hard containment boom with anchoring systems deployed around the vessel. Additionally, 1,000 feet of boom is on stand-by to deploy if additional prevention supplies are required.

The Unified Command is addressing environmental concerns with response teams conducting visual inspections of water quality and collecting samples for testing.

First responders have observed a sheen around the vessel. There are 56 total containers loaded on the vessel that contained hazardous materials. 14 were impacted. The 14 that were impacted were assessed by an industrial hygienist for potential hazards.

The chemical components assessed were soap products, perfume products, or not otherwise specified resin. We have been conducting air monitoring on the vessel and around the vessel with our contractor. No volatile organic compounds or flammable vapors were observed…

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Source: Key Bridge Response 2024 press release dated 28 March 2024

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