Transit of Covid19 test kits

15 May 2020 / Gibraltar

Following on from recent consideration given to allowing transit through Gibraltar for Covid 19 test kits and instructions received on the matter from the Director of Public Health, HM Customs is notifying all concerned parties of the restrictions in place.

  1. Covid test kits WILL NOT be allowed transit through Gibraltar;
  2. Any party concerned with the documentation, declaration of or movement of transit goods is hereby advised they MUST inform HM Customs should any Covid Kits be detected within the transit consignment;
  3. Test kits declared, reported by concerned parties, or on inspection, found within TRANSIT GOODS WILL BE DETAINED;
  4. Normal importations with prior documented GHA approval for home use will continue as allowed in regulations;

(For further details and updates, as well as information about operations in Gibraltar, contact GAC Gibraltar at [email protected])

Source: Government of Gibraltar, HM Customs, note to Customs Clearing Agents dated 15 May 2020

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