Traffic movement restrictions

02 Sep 2021 / United States

The Captain of the Port (COTP), Delaware Bay, is notifying mariners that the Coast Guard is establishing two safety zones to facilitate the Philadelphia to Sea Maintenance Dredging. Maintenance dredging will be conducted in Marcus Hook Range and Marcus Hook Anchorage (No. 7) on the Delaware River from 8 pm on 1 September 2021 through 2 November 2021.

Safety zone one includes all the waters within a 250 yard radius of the dredge ESSEX and all associated dredge equipment operating in or around Marcus Hook Range.

Safety zone two includes all the waters of Marcus Hook Anchorage (No. 7) found in 33 CFR 110.157 (a) (8).

Vessels wishing to transit through safety zones one and/or two may do so if they can make satisfactory passing arrangements with the dredge ESSEX, in accordance with the Inland Navigational Rules in 33 Code of Federal Regulations Subchapter E via VHF-FM channel 13 at least one hour prior to arrival.

Vessels desiring to anchor within Marcus Hook Anchorage must obtain permission from the COTP at least 24 hours in advance, at 215-271-4807. The COTP will permit one vessel at a time on a “first come, first served” basis in the extreme southern portion of the anchorage, with preference given to those vessels greater than 650’ in overall length. The maritime public will be notified of any changes to vessel traffic patterns or availability of Marcus Hook Anchorage via subsequent updates to this MSIB and Broadcast Notice to Mariners.

Normally, Marcus Hook Anchorage is a 48-hour anchorage; however, vessels will not be permitted to occupy the anchorage beyond 12 hours during this time.

Vessels that require an examination by the Public Health Service, Customs or Immigration authorities will be directed to an anchorage for the required inspection by the COTP. Vessels are encouraged to use Mantua Creek Anchorage (No. 9), Naval Base, Philadelphia Anchorage (No. 10), and Deepwater Point Anchorage (No. 6) as alternatives.

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