Stop paper transactions

31 Mar 2020 / Oman

The Ministry of Transport calls upon port operators, shipping lines companies, freight agents and workers in the logistics sector to stop paper transactions and provide services Logistics electronically, each in its specialization according to the following:

  1. Stop issuing the paper delivery order and start applying the issue and receipt of the electronic delivery order (e-Delivery Order) by shipping companies, freight forwarders and port operators.

  2. The release of the electronic delivery order by the shipping lines companies and freight forwarders without requesting the paper bill of lading and only electronic copies.

  3. Stopping all manual payments in the auditor services offices in the operating companies of ports, shipping offices and freight forwarders, and providing alternative to electronic payment.

  4. Providing the Cargo Release Order – CRO – with the port operators electronically and stopping the paper handling.

  5. Stopping auditors’ halls and offices for port operators, shipping companies and freight forwarders to provide their services remotely via electronic means.

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Source: Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Transport Circular dated 29 March 2020

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