Special conditions on COVID-suspect ships

24 Nov 2020 / Gibraltar

If any vessel declares in either the COVID declaration or the Maritime Declaration of Heath that crew members are suffering from any COVID symptoms or whether they have tested positive and the results have come back negative a few days later, the vessel will be placed under special conditions prior to arriving at Gibraltar.

The Gibraltar Port Authority (GPA) will liaise with the Director of Public Health who will give his professional judgement and advise the GPA accordingly and depending the advice received, the special conditions may continue or may be lifted.

The special conditions are as follows:

  • Remote pilotage requirements will be applied to the vessel.
  • No crew members will be allowed to disembark the vessel during its call in Gibraltar.
  • With respect to ongoing operations shore personnel embarking/ attending the vessel, will later not be allowed to disembark.
  • Shore / Barge personnel are to minimise all interaction with the crew as much as practically possible.
  • The GPA reserves the right to further scrutinise any incoming vessel if it deems necessary in the interest of public health.

Further conditions may be imposed on vessels as seen fit by the Captain of the Port.

(For further details and updates, as well as information about operations in Gibraltar, contact GAC Gibraltar at [email protected])

Source: Gibraltar Port Authority Port Circular 26 of 2020 dated 24 November 2020

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