Shut down until 25 April

10 Apr 2020 / Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Government has extended the country’s General Holiday and shut down all government, public and private offices until 25 April due to COVID-19. This may be further extended, at a later point, depending on how the situation develops. Chattogram and Mongla Port Authorities are continuing to work during this period.

Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) has advised the following:

  • Vessels sailing from China need to wait at least 16 days starting from sailing date of China to berth at Chittagong Port.
  • Every Vessel Master needs to give one declaration of Corona Virus as per CPA format.
  • No shore pass shall be given to vessel crew members.
  • Restrictions are in force for the issue of Gate Passes to foreigners.
  • The port authority is trying to set up Online Berthing Meeting to avoid physical presence.
  • All stakeholders are asked to keep stays in the port or yard to a minimum stay, and to leave as soon as work is completed.

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Source: Uni-Global, Bangladesh – GAC agent

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