Self-isolation for all arrivals

11 Apr 2020 / Greece

Until 12.00 hours local time on 20 April, people of any nationality arriving in Greece by any means and from any country (including those in the EU) must self-isolate for 14 days in a place which will be declared to the port, Security and Sanitary Authorities.

The declared place of confinement will either be the person’s permanent residence in Greece, or a temporary one (such a relative’s house, hotel, etc).

The time for self-isolation can be less than 14 days if the person stays in Greece for a shorter period and departs for abroad.

Employees in international services of road, air, and sea transportation, regardless of their nationality, are obliged to self-isolate for 14 days in areas inside the country (permanent or temporary residence) declared to the Authorities. In case that an obligation to conduct an international route while isolated rises, then the 14 days self-isolation is stopped. While in the case where a national route has to be carried out within Greece, then the self-isolation stops as long as 7 days’ confinement has passed.

Taking into consideration the fact that in many ports in Greece, people arrive from abroad by ship whose professional activity is not exempted by the published restrictive regulations, either to transit Greece in order to reach destinations abroad or to deliver products in the country, tracking where they will self-isolate will to be checked by the control bodies.

People arriving at Greek ports must provide the form to the Port Authority declaring their place of self-isolation if staying in Greece to be forwarded to the local security and sanitary authorities.

Two versions of the form are provided (in English and in Greek).

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Source: Free translation of the Ministerial Decision D1a / 22261

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