Safety Zone & Marine Control Zone for Hong Kong Offshore Liquified Natural Gas Terminal

22 Sep 2022 / Hong Kong

A Safety Zone (“SZ”) and a Marine Control Zone (“MCZ”) will be established to facilitate the operations of the Hong Kong Offshore Liquified Natural Gas (“LNG”) Terminal (“the Terminal”) to the east of Soko Islands, starting from 1 October 2022.

Details of the SZ and MCZ are as follows:

(i) Safety Zone
The SZ will be formed by a circle of radius 250 metres with the centre at position (W) (WGS 84 Datum) Latitude 22° 09.289'N, Longitude 113° 57.799'E.

(ii) Marine Control Zone
The MCZ will be formed by an oval area of 500 metres extending from the Terminal annulus with arcs and straight lines joining the following co-ordinates (WGS 84 Datum) from (A) to (R):
(A) 22° 09.658’N 113° 57.707’E
(B) 22° 09.658’N 113° 57.858’E
(C) 22° 09.588’N 113° 57.989’E
(D) 22° 09.467’N 113° 58.064’E
(E) 22° 09.259’N 113° 58.124’E
(F) 22° 09.119’N 113° 58.124’E
(G) 22° 08.998’N 113° 58.049’E
(H) 22° 08.927’N 113° 57.919’E
(I) 22° 08.920’N 113° 57.889’E
(J) 22° 08.913’N 113° 57.848’E
(K) 22° 08.913’N 113° 57.779’E
(L) 22° 08.946’N 113° 57.670’E
(M) 22° 09.015’N 113° 57.583’E
(N) 22° 09.111’N 113° 57.532’E
(O) 22° 09.319’N 113° 57.472’E
(P) 22° 09.459’N 113° 57.472’E
(Q) 22° 09.580’N 113° 57.547’E
(R) 22° 09.651’N 113° 57.677’E

The Terminal annulus is bounded by straight lines joining the following co-ordinates (WGS 84 Datum) from (S) to (V):
(S) 22° 09.397’N 113° 57.783’E
(T) 22° 09.189’N 113° 57.843’E
(U) 22° 09.181’N 113° 57.812’E
(V) 22° 09.389’N 113° 57.752’E

No vessels other than those attending the Terminal which are authorised by the Operator of the Terminal, shall enter into any part of the SZ and MCZ.

The Terminal Operator and its standby vessels will monitor the SZ and MCZ at all times to prevent unauthorised vessels from entering these zones.

Vessels navigating in the vicinity should proceed with caution and keep clear of the SZ and MCZ at slow speed, bearing in mind there are LNG operations in the area.

(For information about operations in Hong Kong, contact GAC Hong Kong at [email protected])

Source: Government of the Hong Kong SAR Marine Department Notice No.192/2022

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