Revised guidelines for processing the approval of hotwork and bunker permits

28 Aug 2020 / Kembla, Australia

Due to COVID-19, the port officer does not attend vessels. The Port Authority of New South Wales has issued revised guidelines for processing the approval of Hotwork and Bunker permits. The following procedure will be in place until the port officer is allowed to go back onboard vessels to physically inspect the hotwork and bunker operations:

  1. Agent submits permit in CPorts.
  2. Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) email a link to the permit to [email protected] and agents responsible for vessel. In the email the agent is advised to obtain photographs and forward to the port officer (PO), with copy to VTS, for approval prior to the permit being approved by VTS in CPorts.
  3. When the PO obtains photos from agent or contractor and finds them acceptable for approval, he will advise VTS to approve in CPorts.
  4. VTS operator approves permit in CPorts.
  5. A dissemination is then automatically forwarded to the VTS operator who approved the permit and the agent responsible with a copy of the permit in an attachment. This dissemination should then be forwarded to the POs for their information.
  6. VTS to save pictures in Hotwork/Bunker Photos folder under VTS inbox (newly created)
  7. When bunkering is complete, PO advises VTS of completed time so CPorts can be updated as complete.

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