Resumption of garbage reception facility

18 May 2020 / Mundra, India

Garbage reception has resumed for vessels calling at the port of Mundra. However, due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, vessels using this facility must follow the below Standard Operating Procedure:

  1. Vessel master to send Reception Service request to Port Operations Centre through Vessel Agency. Master to give an undertaking that all garbage deemed to be disposed is packed as per Point 4.

  2. Vessel Master / Agency to raise request in Swatch Sagar Portal as per DG Shipping Guidelines.

  3. Vessel to comply with MARPOL regulations for waste disposal at all times.

  4. Vessel crew should ensure that waste to be packed safely in two strong bags (double protection) and each set of bag must be hand tied by securing with a cable tie or hand knot. Loose and spilling waste will not be collected. Any spill overs on the wharf will not be entertained and subject to penalization.

  5. Upon receiving permission from POC team, shore reception team will collect waste from vessel.

  6. Vessel crew to place the waste bags on the jetty, once the shore reception team arrives. Shore reception facility personnel will not board the vessel.

  7. Once Service is completed, Waste Delivery Receipt will be sent to vessel via e-mail and same will be uploaded in Swatch Sagar Portal.

  8. During this operation, if the port operation centre, reception facility or any other port representative observes, that disposal procedures are not complied in line with SOP, reception facility has the right to suspend operation immediately.

  9. Shore Reception Facility personnel to wear Mask, disposable gloves and adhere to proper social distancing procedures while going to collect garbage. After complete garbage disposal at appropriate designated location, used PPE to be disposed and hands to be washed with soap / disinfected with sanitiser.

  10. Admin Department to periodically disinfect/sanitize jetty area.

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