Resumption of e-pass facility for controlled crew changes

29 Apr 2021 / India

The Directorate vide DGS Order No.12 of 2020 dated 22.04.2020 issued Standard Operating Procedures / Protocols (SoP) for controlled crew change at Indian Ports vide which a facility was provided on DGS website for generation of e-pass for the seafarers and one driver for inter and intra-state movement of seafarers signing on and signing off at Indian Ports on receipt of details of the seafarer, vehicle and driver for the proposed travel and uploading on DGS website ‘e-pass for seafarers link’.

The e-pass facility was extended for foreign seafarers repatriating from Alang, Gujarat and from Indian Ports vide SoPs issued vide DGS Order No.14 of 2020 dated 07.06.2020 and DGS Order No.21 of 2020 dated 20.07.2020. The facility was further extended for foreign seafarers signing-on in Indian Ports vide DGS Order No.5 of 2021 dated 25.01.2021.

Subsequently, vide DGS Order No.08 of 2021 dated 03.02.2021, requirement for issuance of e-pass detailed vide afore-mentioned DGS Order was done away with & provisions related to issuance of e-pass were deemed inapplicable and dispensed with.

A nationwide resurgence of COVID cases has occurred since then and several states have re-imposed movement restriction to contain the spread of virus. The Government of Maharashtra vide ‘Break the Chain’ orders dated 13.04.2021 and 21.04.2021 have also put movement restrictions.

In view of above, system for issuance of e-pass as detailed vide DGS Order No.12 of 2020 dated 22.04.2020, DGS Order No.14 of 2020 dated 07.06.2020, DGS Order No. 21 of 2020 dated 20.07.2020 and DGS Order No.05 of 2021 dated 25.01.2021 is being brought back to facilitate inter-state and intra-state movement of seafarers who have been declared ‘Key Workers’ vide DGS Crew Circular No.37 of 2020 dated 22.12.2020 and all these DGS orders mentioned herein to be treated as applicable as earlier.

The e-pass facility can be accessed by shipping companies/owners and registered Recruitment & Placement Service (RPS) agencies approved by DGS & modalities thereof remain the same as mentioned in the aforementioned DGS Orders. However, filling up of Port of Vehicle details shall not be required.

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Source: Indian Ministry of Port, Shipping & Waterways Directorate General of Shipping Order No.15 of 2021 dated 28 April 2021

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