Restrictions to ease for vaccinated travellers

11 Feb 2022 / Australia

The Australian Government is easing restrictions for fully vaccinated travellers.

All travellers to Australia need to complete a declaration of their critical health information prior to arriving in Australia by air, unless they are flight crew. From 0900 (AEDT) on 15 February 2022, the Digital Passenger Declaration (DPD) is replacing the Australia Travel Declaration (ATD) to capture this information.

The DPD will be available to complete as a web form from 15 February 2022 and a DPD mobile application will become available from 1 March 2022. There will be a transition period from the ATD to the DPD. Passengers departing on flights arriving in Australia before 18 February 2022, should submit and present an ATD. Passengers departing on flights arriving in Australia on, or after 18 February 2022, should submit and present a DPD.

From 22 February, the ATD mobile app will remain available as read only for those passengers who still need access to their ATD outcome. Passengers can start a DPD seven days before their flight to Australia, but they can only finalise a DPD within 72 hours before their departure after they have provided their vaccination status and pre-departure COVID-19 test result.

Passengers who have not completed a DPD should be encouraged to do so before uplift. They should be advised the DPD it is an enforceable requirement, and they must provide evidence they have completed the relevant declaration before boarding the aircraft. If a passenger is unable to complete the DPD for exceptional circumstances, the airline should request the passenger completes a manual (paper) declaration prior to boarding. Passengers should retain the completed manual declaration and provide it to a relevant authority on arrival.

From 15 February 2022, the DPD web form can be completed at: From 1 March, passengers will also be able to complete a DPD by downloading the free mobile Digital Passenger Declaration app from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play store (Android).

In Australia joining crew members arriving from overseas have to comply with:
- The Federal Government requirements for travel to Australia;
- The specific requirements put in place by the relevant State Government in the State in which the joining crew are arriving.

Rules for off-signers are still fluid and changing very regularly and there are local variations. Please contact the relevant local GAC office for specific requirements for off signing crew from a specific port.

For further details and updates, as well as information about operations in Australia, contact GAC Australia at [email protected]

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