Restrictions related to Coronavirus

21 Feb 2020 / Covenas, Colombia

With reference to the CORONAVIRUS, the Port Authority at Covenas has established the following restrictions:

  • Vessels must send the Maritime Declaration of Health and an updated List of the last 10 ports at least 24 hours before their arrival to the port.
  • The Master must inform if the vessel comes with a sick crew member and advise what their symptoms are.
  • The Master must send a special crew list including last countries and cities visited in the last 30 days, as well as telephone numbers, address, e-mail address.
  • The Master must inform if the vessel has arrived at any of the countries where the CORONAVIRUS has been detected
  • For the authorities visit, the Sanitary Authority will board first to determine if the rest of the authorities can board the vessel.
  • If, after the free pratique has been granted, the vessel's captain informs that there is a sick crew member, then the Sanitary Authority will come back to examine the patient/crew to determine if they can disembark or not.
  • The terminal will authorize the disembarkation of the crew with the approval of the Sanitary Authority.
  • For the embarkation of the crew, the place of origin must be reported and information given if they have any symptoms.

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Source: ISACOL S.A.S. – GAC agent, Colombia

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