Restrictions at terminal

05 Mar 2020 / Sikka, India

The following restrictions are in effect at Reliance Terminal Sikka, as precautions against COVID-19:

  1. Garbage disposal at the terminal for all ships whether at SPM, jetty berths or at anchor has been stopped as per instructions of PO, GMB, Jamnagar.

  2. Shore leave to ship’s crew has been stopped as per PO, GMB instructions.

  3. No sign-on and sign-off will be permitted as per PO, GMB instructions.

  4. Visit to vessel by company representative, vetting inspector or any other person suspended as per PO, GMB instruction.

  5. Provision/stores/bunker/fresh water supply will be allowed only at anchor provided there is no human contact (person-to-person) as per PO, GMB instruction.

  6. Crew of all vessels coming to jetty berths will be screened by terminal paramedic on berthing. Other activities relating to loading or discharging will commence only after screening.

  7. All personnel transiting zero point will be screened prior entry or exit.

  8. Crew change restricted until further notice.

  9. Agents are instructed to carry their own PPE while visiting vessel i.e. hand gloves, face mask, sanitizer, disposable bag. If they fail to bring, it will be issued by terminal on an interim basis.

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