Repatriation and travel abroad of Indian seafarers & crew

26 May 2020 / India

The movement of stranded Indian seafarers/crew is hereby permitted through charter flight arranged by the employing companies in accordance with the Standard Operations Protocol (SOP) for movement of Indian nationals stranded outside the country, dated 05.05.2020, with the following modifications:

a) In para 2(ii) of the SOP, travel to India can be by special charter flight to be arranged by employers or by hiring firms. Such flights would be scheduled after full consultations between MEA, MoCA and the concerned States to which such flights are being proposed.

b) In para(iv) of SOP, the cost of travel will be borne by such travellers, or their employers.

c) In para 2(viii), all travellers shall give an undertaking, before boarding, that they would undergo mandatory institutional quarantine for a minimum period of 14 days on arrival in India at their own cost or at the cost of the employer.

d) Upon completion of 14 days quarantine, Director General of Shipping would enable e-passes, if required, for intra-State/inter-State movement to their native places.

Indian seafarers/crew seeking to accept contracts on vessels can travel on the non-scheduled commercial flights departing from India under the Vanda Bharat Mission or the charter flights arranged by their employers subject to their clearance given by the Ministry of Shipping.

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Source: Indian Ministry of Home Affairs memorandum dated 22 May 2020

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