Removal of 14 days from last international port restriction

17 Dec 2021 / Queensland, Australia

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Maritime Safety Queensland imposed a restriction on all ships to not enter a pilotage area within 14 days from last international port to assist with risk mitigation of COVID-19, particularly in consideration of the interaction between seafarers and shoreside personnel.

Since that time, COVID-19 vaccination rates both within Queensland and amongst international seafarers continue to increase, stringent COVID safe measures are in place within industry, voluntary surveillance testing for marine pilots has been introduced, and it has been deemed that time at sea does not count towards a crew member’s quarantine period (noting that COVID-19 can be transmitted between crew over a prolonged period of time).

With this in mind, MSQ [Marine Safety Queensland] will revoke the 14 days from last international port restriction, effective 0001 hrs (AEST) Friday 24 December 2021.

MSQ appreciates the impact the restriction has had on industry over the past two years. All COVID-19 safe precautions must continue to be adhered to by both the ship and Queensland maritime workers, to reduce the risk of COVID-19 on board ships and any risk to Queensland port personnel and the wider Queensland community.

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Source: Marine Safety Queensland update of 17 December 2021

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