Remission of charges

22 Apr 2020 / India

In view of the extraordinary situation and after considering representations from various stakeholders, all Major Ports are directed that:

Remission of charges to port users

Storage Charges: Ports shall allow free storage time to all port users for the lockdown period [22 March-3 May 2020].

Lease rentals, licence fees related charges: Ports shall allow deferment of April, May and June months, annual lease rentals/licence fees on pro-rata basis, without any interest, if requested by the lessee/licensee. This shall be applicable only for the annual lease rentals/licence fee to be received by port for year 2020.

Other charges, penalties, etc: Ports shall ensure that no penal charges, demurrages, detention charges, dwell time charges, anchorage charges, penal berth hire charges, performance related penalties etc are levied on any port user (trader, importer, exporters, shipping lines, concessionaires, licensees, CFS, etc) for any delay in berthing, loading/unloading operations or evacuation/arrival of cargo during the lockdown period plus 30 days recovery period.

Additional land for storage: If requisite additional land is available within port area, the port shall make all efforts to provide the additional storage land to port users, on temporary basis, without any charges, rentals, fees, etc up to 30 June 2020 on ‘as is where is’ basis…

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Source: Extract from Government of India Ministry of Shipping notice dated 21 April 2020

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