Quarantine for cargo vessels

22 Mar 2020 / India

Based on the latest Circular issued by the D G Shipping in India, all vessels arriving from COVID-19 affected countries need to wait to complete 14 days’ mandatory quarantine before they are accorded permission to berth and to undertake further mandatory screening procedures, in order for final clearance to be given to begin cargo operations.

If any vessel needs to berth immediately on arrival/before completing the mandatory 14 days of Quarantine; they will need to comply with all requirements. If they do comply, the Port Health Officer / Quarantine authorities will carry out mandatory screening procedures. Thereafter, and only if everything is found to be in order – the vessel may begin cargo operations.

Meanwhile, the Port of Singapore is no more considered a restricted or affected country and the Indian authorities have removed it from the list.

Vessels picking up bunkers from Singapore and heading for India will be eligible for berthing, on arrival, provided, no crew change is carried out from Singapore.

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