Protocols for controlled crew change at anchorages within port limits

06 May 2020 / India

Crew changes can be conducted in the designated anchorage of Indian ports within port limits even if the vessel is not calling at the port for cargo/bunkering, etc.

In such cases, Port Health Officials are not required to board the vessel in order to grant Pratique, as the vessel will not be calling the port for berthing and would be only at anchorage. Port Health Officials may examine the seafarers once they arrive on berth for granting necessary clearances.

The boarding and disembarking of crew will be done observing all safety precautions and at the sole risk of the company/vessel requiring the crew change.

Boat/tug for crew change at anchorages is to be arranged by the ship owner/RPS agency or the port may arrange for the boat/tug for the crew change and the applicable expenses may be borne by the ship owner/RPS agency.

Notwithstanding above permissions for crew change, the owners, operators and Master of the vessel shall ensure that at all times the navigational safety, safety of crew/passengers, operational safety, rest period requirements for watch keepers, control of the vessel as defined in the relevant provisions of International Safety Management (ISM) code and rest hours requirements are complied with and such permission shall not cause any danger to person, property or the environment.

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