Procedures for vessels arriving from overseas

26 Mar 2020 / Brazil

Medical Logbooks must be presented by vessels calling at ports in Brazil along with their Free Pratique Certificate request.

Cargo ships arriving from overseas will be granted the Free Pratique Certificate after previous analyses, allowing the ship to berth and operate, but no disembarkation of any crewmember is allowed within 14 days of the vessel’s departure from her last foreign port of call.

Contact between crew and stevedores must be kept to a minimum while the ship is within port limits.

In cases of suspected COVID-19 infection during a vessel’sport the port stay, no crew members are authorized to disembark within the 14 days starting from the date of detection of the suspected infection.

For critical cases where health care is required, crew will be allowed to disembark.

Where there is a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, the ship may not leave the port. For cases where operations are already underway, authorities will evaluate authorising the maintenance of ship’s operation thereafter.

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