Procedure for port entry (Corona Virus)

17 Feb 2020 / Duqm, Oman

All ships calling Port of Duqm are requested through their agent in addition to the standard vessel registration and notification, to submit the IMO Declaration of Health together with the questionnaire. These documents should be signed by the master of the vessel and send by email to [email protected].

All ships with sick persons on board will not be allowed to enter the port and must go at anchor. The respective sick crew member will be screened by the medical team of Port of Duqm.

In case of recent crew change within the last 15 days it is upon the discretion of the Harbor Master to allow or not the vessel to the port.

Agents are requested to follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health in case of crew change or shore leave. Assistance of the Port of Duqm medical team is available if needed.

Port users are requested to avoid physical contact with crew members, to wear masks on board the vessels and use disinfecting product to wash hands after visiting the vessels.

The HM Office to be contacted in case of any suspicious situation concerning the Corona Virus in the Port area and on board the vessels in within the Port Limits.

(For further details and updates, as well as information about operations in Oman, contact GAC Oman at [email protected])

Source: Harbor Master Circular No.MAR/CIR/01/20

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