Pre-arrival reporting requirements

31 Jan 2020 / Australia

As a part of pre-arrival reporting to Biosecurity (AQIS) for vessels calling at Australian ports, Masters are required to include a Human Health Update. This mandatory update reports any crew, passengers, etc that are unwell and will be vetted by biosecurity who will determine if there is a health issue on board and what actions may need to be taken.

Several Australian ports have introduced additional requirements, as follows:

Flinders Ports have requested to be advised if a vessel has Chinese crew members or if Vessel is visiting from China. Local quarantine authorities have been asking for information on port calls from December / January for vessels arriving.

Patricks Terminal is requesting copies of ABF and DAWR lodgement forms for all vessels.
Viva Terminal - All vessels are required to advise of any illnesses when they do their Quarantine Pre-Arrival Report (QPAR) to AQIS. All vessels entering a Viva Energy Australia Terminal must obtain pratique from a biosecurity officer, at arrival at the first Australian port of call. Pratique requests are based on the information submitted through the vessel master and/or shipping agent providing pre-arrival information through the Pre Arrival Report (PAR). A risk assessment is then performed by a Department of Agriculture biosecurity officer to determine whether pratique can be granted or if some actions are required first. A copy of this clearance with crew list to be forwarded to the Terminal Manager.
All Masters must inform the ship agent of any illness among the crew must be reported no matter the origin of the ship or crew. Any Health concerns on the ship while berthed should be escalated to the Terminal Manager, Terminal Controller or Supervisor.

Vessels/Agents to forward the Free Pratique (Biosecurity status document) once received to Dampier VTS. Any health issues or sickness noted after Free Pratique is granted, must be reported to Biosecurity for further assessments and to vessel agents and Dampier VTS for information. Additionally, Department of Health Novel Coronavirus Information Sheet for Travellers and Quarantine Coronavirus Signage is to be sent to the vessels arriving Dampier as part of standard pre-arrival messages. All vessels to follow any other biosecurity guidelines / notifications / directives issued in relation to this matter.

Qube Darwin have requested the following information for crew members on board container vessels arriving (Do any of the crew members have any flu like symptoms. Work areas/ container bays we are working are clean and free from any rubbish. Have the crew any Face mask protection, and hand sanitation. This would be recommended.) Qube are taking some precautions on staff when working international vessels. All Working gang will have the option of face masks on shift. It is recommended that when signing up/off the vessel and any interaction with crew members that Masks are to be worn by Qube staff.

Fremantle Ports have requested that all Masters of all vessel, regardless of origin, are provided with a copy of Department of Health Novel Coronavirus Information Sheet for Border Staff and Department of Health Novel Coronavirus Information Sheet for Travellers. The Master should then report any issues through his QUARANTINE CLEARANCE or to the agent if not from overseas. The pilot will confirm that the vessel has received information on the virus when boarding and should there be any concerns then we will arrange to anchor the vessel and notify DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH immediately.

Mackay Harbour - Copy of Form 13 to be supplied.
Haypoint - Copy of crew list for incoming ship.
Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal (DBCT) - Until further notice it is requested that Masters provide previous 3 discharge ports (in order), Crew Nationality.

If a vessel show its last port in China, NGIG are not boarding and the Chief is requested to come ashore to do the sign-up and mates receipt, etc.
The Port Authority has requested the following for all vessels calling directly from mainland China:
- Agents to advise the Port Authority via email 48 hours prior to the vessel entry:
- The date the vessel departed China and if the vessel berthed at any ports during its transit to Newcastle.
The Port Authority will request the following information from the Master of the vessel prior to arrival and pilot pickup:
- Declaration to VTS from the vessel master that they have no sick people on-board;
- Declaration of previous 5 ports of call for the vessel.

BHP have an amended pilot pre arrival form with added questions about if the ship had been to china and all crew are healthy. Port authority is requesting for a message to be sent to vessels arriving from China to confirm all crew are healthy.

A declaration from the Master is requested by the port with the following detail:
- Declaration from the vessel master that they have no sick people onboard.
- Declaration of previous 3 ports of call for the vessel.
Yellow flag on board the vessel indicated there is a health risk on board.

Rio Tinto is requesting all vessels to send through Customs forms 13 sand 3B, or last vessels port visited and crew nationalities.

QUEENSLAND PORTS: Cape Flattery, Cairns, Mourilyan, Lucinda, Townsville, Abbott Point, Mackay, Port Alma, Gladstone, Bundaberg, Brisbane
Queensland’s Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) require all foreign trading ships scheduled to arrive at Queensland ports to provide the following information 2 hours prior to embarking a Pilot:
- Report if any Crew Member has visited the Hubei Province in China past 14 days;
- Report if any Crew Member is showing any of the Novel Coronavirus symptoms that include fever, flu-like symptoms cough, sore throat, headache or difficulty breathing.
- If answers to both of the above questions are NO, Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) will then inform all parties including Marine Pilots, Tug operators, Linesman, Stevedores of the clear declaration.
- If the answer is YES to either question, MSQ will make the appropriate notifications to State and Federal agencies for further advice. Any such vessels will either be directed back to sea or proceed to anchor until assessed and cleared by appropriate government qualified personnel.

Biosecurity officers will attend vessels arriving from Mainland China and conduct inspections that includes health assessment of crew. Sydney Ports also will provide information to master and crew of the vessel, fact sheets and information in English and Chinese. All ports where crew leave will have signage displayed as well. Crew changes need to be reported and any changes in health status after submitting PAR needs to be reported asap via Human health update in MARS.

Any terminal or port not mentioned below are operating as per standard procedure.

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