Post-floods port status update

15 Apr 2022 / Durban, South Africa

Structural repairs on Bayhead Road have commenced with the aim of creating contraflow. This is also inclusive of further infills on the road leading towards Island View providing 4 lanes. The appointed contractors have commenced with the delivery of material for the interim remediation. This interim measure is envisaged to be completed by the end of the Easter weekend.

A joint initiative between Law Enforcement, Bluff Councillor Gavin Hegter and TNPA precinct managers has resolved that the Bluff route will be of use to the trucking industry effective from 15 April 2022. Municipal bylaws have been relaxed to open up the alternative route from the Harbour to the M7 Solomon Mahlangu Drive for trucks which transport essential cargo, prioritising Fuel, Food, Pharmaceutical products and other essential cargo. Terminal Operators are required to submit a list of trucks daily in order to gain access on the alternative route.

The Port is fully operational for shipping with a focus on selected vessels. The port clean-up continues as we endeavour to get the port back to normality.

TNPA Leadership continues to work with the relevant stakeholders to restore all operations.

Communication regarding timelines on the permanent solution for the Bayhead Road restoration will be shared continuously.

(For further details and updates, as well as information about operations in Durban, contact GAC South Africa at [email protected])

Source: Transnet Port Manager, Durban, letter dated 14 April 2022

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