Port preparedness for Novel Coronavirus

13 Feb 2020 / Mombasa, Kenya

Kenya Ports Authority and the Port Health Office have drawn up measures related to vessels that have visited China in the last 14 days and crew who have travelled to China in the past 14 days, at Mombasa port.

All vessels arriving from China must fill the Maritime Declaration of Health form stating the health status of the crew. In addition, they should send in advance the crew list and voyage memo for the purpose of getting details of the crew and movement of the vessel for the last 14 days respectively and a valid ship control/exemption certificate.

Any vessel with crew showing signs and symptoms including respiratory symptoms, fever, cough or shortness of breath (difficulty breathing) should be reported in advance by the Master of the vessel so as to make prior arrangement to board the vessel for screening at high seas before the vessel is allowed into the port.

Vessels from other areas and where the Master has not reported any form of illness on board shall not be subject to screening.

The four vessel documents
- Maritime Declaration of Health form
- Crew list
- Voyage memo
- Valid ship control/exemption certificate
should be submitted to the Port Health office – Kilindi Sea port, Mombasa, via email [email protected]

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