Port operations during shutdown

27 Mar 2020 / Chattogram, Bangladesh

Due to COVID-19, the Bangladesh Government has declared leave for all government organisations and offices from 26 March to 4 April.

During this period, however, at Chattogram port:

  • Pilot service will be provided for incoming ships in the navy section of the port.
  • Ships will be berth and quarantine of sailors activated.
  • Transport division will conduct cargo loading/unloading activities 24/7 for incoming ships and arrangements will be made for delivery immediately after customs clearance.
  • Port security operational 24/7.
  • Chattogram port hospital will be run continuously.
  • Mechanical division will confirmation for continuous running of all port machinery.
  • Continuous electricity supply will be maintained.
  • Port fire service remains 24/7.
  • System analyst, CTMS and ICT based facilities will be kept running.
  • Civil engineering department will keep ready an emergency response team on call.
  • Transportation division, shipping agents, C&F agents, berth operator, terminal operator, ship handling operators and others port users shall offer necessary help to customs department to making speed on delivery activities.
  • All divisional chief shall adopt arrangements for executing official works through e-filing on emergency text.

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