Port condition normal

02 Sep 2021 / New Orleans

The Captain of the Port (COTP) New Orleans has set port condition normal effective 1 September, 15:00 LT. Vessel movement and cargo operations are authorised within the COTP New Orleans Zone.

The following waterway closures and/or restrictions remain in effect:

  • A temporary safety zone from MM 105 – 108 ahead of passes, Lower Mississippi River (LMR) is in effect prohibiting all vessel operations to ensure safety of persons and vessels from the hazards associated with the downed electrical transmission lines posing a threat of electrical shock or fouling.
  • LMR from MM 108 – 167.5 AHP remains closed to all vessel traffic. Vessels desiring a waiver to transit this area should contact vessel waiver manager at (505) 818 – 9814.
  • GIWW from the West Closure Complex to MM 20 west of Harvey Locks.
  • Deep draft vessels operating on the LMR are restricted to day light transit only.

Please note that the river still has many obstructions, and the area has limited power so it will still take time getting back to actual normal.

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