Port adds to export value of Dutch products

27 Jan 2022 / Rotterdam, Netherlands

The ports in the Rhine and Meuse estuary area contribute some 34 billion euros to the export value of Dutch products. The port of Rotterdam accounts for the greater part of that value.

That has been made clear by a report on the economic significance of Dutch seaports. The study – which was conducted by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and the Erasmus Centre for Urban, Port and Transport Economics (Erasmus UPT) – confirms the considerable economic value of the port of Rotterdam in terms of employment, national income and taking Dutch exports to the world market…

…The report that has just been published builds on the existing information and studies, and adds new research questions. This is the first time that research has been conducted into the role that ports play in facilitating the export of Dutch products…

(Extract from Port of Rotterdam (www.portofrotterdam.com) news release dated 26 January 2022)

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