Port 100% operational

23 Mar 2020 / Antwerp, Belgium

The Port of Antwerp Covid-19 Taskforce [has] confirmed that the port remains 100% operational thanks to the daily efforts and commitment of all employees.

Handling on the terminals is going ahead normally, there is sufficient manpower available to deal with cargo, and drivers are arriving and departing without too much delay.

However, several points for attention are being monitored, including:

  • The different approaches of Belgium and the Netherlands. Port of Antwerp is served by Flemish and Dutch pilots. The Dutch position starts from a controlled contamination, while the Flemish standard is much stricter.

  • Manpower: at the moment everything is under control. The availability and allocation of employees is essential for correct functioning of all port services. In addition, fall-back scenarios are being drawn up to assure continuity of service.

The Port of Antwerp Covid-19 Taskforce will meet weekly. This frequency will be increased should it become necessary. For more information, visit the port’s Coronavirus web page at https://www.portofantwerp.com/en/coronavirus

For further details and updates, as well as information about operations in the Belgium, contact GAC Belgium at [email protected]

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