Plan to reopen to foreign tourists

08 Jul 2020 / Bali, Indonesia

Bali plans to reopen tourism for foreign tourists in September, in the third stage of the New Era of Life Order. The three stages are:

Carry out activities in a limited and selective manner only for the local sphere of the Balinese people starting 9 July. For this first stage, sectors such as health, Government offices, Customs and religion, finance, industry, trade, logistics, transportation, cooperatives, MSMEs, traditional markets will resume. Then the modern markets, restaurants and stalls, agriculture, plantations, marine/fisheries, and livestock, and the service and construction sector. For tourism, it is opened only to local Balinese tourists from 9 July.

Carrying out activities more broadly, including the tourism sector limited to domestic tourists. This stage will start on 31 July.

Activities in a wider tourism sector, including for foreign tourists, starting on 11 September.

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