Pilotage charges adjustments

06 May 2024 / Port Kembla, Australia

On 1 July 2024, the following three-year price adjustments will be made to pilotage charges at Port Kembla:

  • A CPI adjustment of 4.2%, (based on the Sydney CPI for calendar year 2023, as published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics) to Pilotage Tiers II and III followed by further CPI increases in years two and three;
  • Introduction of a Boarding Fee at a fixed rate of $2,500 (GST exclusive) per Vessel Movement in year one with further increases to $3,000 in year two and $3,450 by year three (both GST exclusive) per Vessel Movement;
  • Adjustment to the Minimum Fee, which now includes the Boarding Fee and a Baseline Pilotage Tier to 8,800 GT (modified from 8,803);
  • Removal of the Maximum Charge cap for Pilotage Charges;
  • Substantial reduction of 40.75% to Tier I – Pilotage Charges in year one with CPI increases in years two and three.

The revised Pilotage charges at Port Kembla aim to align pricing structures currently operating at Sydney Harbour, Port Botany and Newcastle Harbour. The introduction of a Boarding Fee to recover the cost of transferring a pilot to a vessel in Port Kembla addresses such misalignment and, with the inclusion of a Baseline Tier up to 8,800 GT, ensures that all vessels pay the minimum cost (Minimum Fee) of both the pilot transfer and pilotage activity. This approach ensures all Port Kembla users are levied in a fair and equitable manner.

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