Partial lifting of lockdown restrictions

30 Apr 2020 / Namibia

The State of Emergency declared in Namibia on 17 March will remain in for six months, and may be extended subject to the changing situation. In line with global guidelines, the country has adopted 4 stages of restrictions, as follows:

The current countrywide lockdown will end at midnight on 4 May.

Gradual re-opening, under strict precautions, from 5 May to 2 June 2020. During this:

  • All members of the public will be required to wear facemasks in public spaces. The Government will assist vulnerable persons to acquire masks.
  • People will be permitted to travel domestically between regions and within towns and cities, without restriction.
  • Borders will remain closed for non-Namibians. Returning Namibians will be permitted to re-enter the country subject to screening at points of entry and supervised quarantine for 14 days.
  • Businesses and productive activities, unless prohibited, will be allowed to reopen, subject to responsible personal and organisational conduct and in compliance with Health & Hygiene guidelines

More moderate precautions could come into effect from 2 June until the end of the month.

This final stage will introduce a New Normal and could last until the end of the State of Emergency.

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