Oily residue, tank cleaning & ballast water management

07 Jun 2023 / Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

The oil residue treatment facility is available in Fujairah, but the transportation of oily sludge by road or sea from Fujairah Port to any reception facilities outside Fujairah is strictly forbidden.

Vessel can conduct tank cleaning at Fujairah Offshore Anchorage Area (FOAA) but only if performed by a registered cleaning company. Further, permission is granted on the condition that waste generated during cleaning will be collected by a reception facility that has obtained the necessary approval.

For tank cleaning, the vessel’s agent must submit a request seeking permission from the HSE Department 48 hours before the scheduled activity. The request should include the following details:
1. Vessel’s name
2. Estimated Time of Arrival
3. Last port of call
4. Name of registered agent
5, Name of registered cleaning company
6. Number of labourers involved (if more than nine, a No Objection Certification (NOC) from the Marine Office is required)
7. Cleaning area of the ship
8. Estimated duration of work
9. Estimated quantity of sludge
10. Confirmation and details of reception facility

The following requirements must be followed for de-ballasting at FOAA for non-cargo operation purposes only:

  • Regulations D-1, the following documents are required:
    1. ROPNME-Ballast Reporting Form
    2. Latitude/Longitude coordinates with depth and distance from shore for the start and end position of the ballast exchange
    3. International Ballast Water Management Certificate (IBWMC)

  • Regulations D-2, the vessel has permission to used Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTSW) without approval from the Port Authority. The Port Authority retains the right to request evidence of BWTS and Ballast Water Management Plan (BWMP) entries.

  • If the BWTSS is not operational, the following documents are required for cargo and non-cargo related de-ballasting operations:
    1. Required documents mentioned in D-1
    2. Permission from Harbour Master
    3. Dispensation letter from Flag
    4. Short-term International Ballast Water Manager Certificate (IBWMC).

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