Novel Coronavirus

20 Feb 2020 / Canada

Recognizing the evolving situation concerning the current outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, this Marine Security Notification provides information and guidance to the Canadian marine industry on protocols to consider to safeguard the health and safety of those working in the marine industry in Canada. It is based on recommendations developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada and the World Health Organization to minimize the spread of the virus…

…to reduce and/or eliminate the risk of spreading of the Coronavirus in Canada, the following is implemented on a temporary basis:


  • Foreign flagged ships are to pay particular attention to ensuring that all required components of the 96 and 24 hour Pre-Arrival Inspection Report (PAIR) are completed in accordance with section 221 of the Marine Transportation Security Regulations (MTSR);
  • Vessel Masters with crew members and passengers symptomatic of the Coronavirus are to advise Transport Canada Marine Safety and Security following transmission of the 96 hour PAIR;
  • In vessels with symptomatic crew members or passengers, Transport Canada Marine Security Inspectors will advise Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) officials who will follow up directly with the vessel;
  • Based on that information, PHAC will provide follow-on direction;
  • In the event that PHAC determines that a crew member or passengers onboard a vessel to be at risk, Transport Canada Marine Safety and Security, in coordination with PHAC, will provide notification to others on a required basis (including but not limited to the CCG, Pilotage Authorities, Port Authorities, TC Marine Safety, CBSA).


  • The above procedures do not apply to Canadian registered vessels;
  • Domestic ships should reports passengers and crew who are symptomatic of the Coronavirus to provincial and local health authorities;
  • If a case of Coronavirus is suspected, Masters of Canadian vessels are to advise Transport Canada and supporting agencies (pilots, ports, etc) prior to others boarding or coming into contact with passengers from the vessel...

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Source: Extracts from Transport Canada Marine Security Operations Special Marine Security Notification No: #2020-003

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