No shore leave or crew changes permitted

28 May 2020 / Mauritius

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, the Mauritius Ports Authority in collaboration with the Ministry of Health worked out guidelines and procedures for entry of vessels in the Port prior to authorising operations on board...

…Among the main measures in the guidelines, it was stressed that:
(1) There will be no shore leave for the crew members and they will have to be confined to their vessels when cargo operations are taking place.
(2) No crew change will be entertained until further notice.
(3) In the case of receiving a report of a sick crew member on a vessel, clearance from the Port Health Authority which is based in an office at J.H Nagdan Hall, Quay C and operating on a 24 hour basis would be required…

…Authorisation of Health Authorities shall be formally obtained prior to access to any Terminal or vessel for the movement of any crew member in or out of the port for any reasons whatsoever, including on ground of medical emergency…

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Source: Port Master communique

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