New South Wales closes border with Victoria

06 Jul 2020 / Australia

New South Wales (NSW) has closed its domestic border with Victoria due to an outbreak of COVID-19 in Victoria. Crew changes in the State are very difficult, as local approvals for crew signing-on/off vessels are very hard to obtain.

On Saturday (4 July) the Federal Government, at the request of the NSW Government, increased restrictions on international arrivals. Incoming passengers to NSW have been restricted to a maximum of 450 people per day and a maximum of 50 people on a single flight. This restriction will remain until 17 July at this stage, but it seems likely to be extended.

In Victoria, crew changes are possible. Local approvals are generally being granted but they are not coming through until very close to the scheduled crew movement.

Due to the recent outbreaks in Victoria, all international flights into Melbourne have been suspended until 14 July.

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