New crew change regulations

05 Nov 2020 / Japan

New regulations for crew changes in Japan came into effect from 1 November, as follows:


  1. Crew who board a vessel at a Japanese port must take test to confirm they are negative for COVID-19 in the 72 hours prior to departing from their original country.
  2. “Certificate of Testing for COVID-19” must be completed and certified by doctor (completed certificate to also be provided agent by email, once available).
  3. Arriving passenger must have original hard copy of this document upon arrival at airport, to be submitted to the Quarantine Office at the airport.
  4. Arriving passenger will be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival and to be released 3-4 hours later (if test result is negative).


  1. Off-signers can disembark from their vessel only if the vessel has passed 14 days after departing from last port. Shore pass will not be issued if there is any intermediate call or crew change with rendezvous.
  2. Crew landing may be refused if any crew onboard are suspected to have COVID-19, even if more than 14 days has passed.

Use of public transportation (domestic air/train/bus etc) by crew is prohibited. They may only be transported by agent driving a car.

With effect from 1 November, the below countries have been excluded from the 14 days regulation:
New Zealand

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