Monkeypox measures

02 Jun 2022 / Mongla, Bangladesh

To prevent spread of Monkeypox disease into Bangladesh through sea route, all ships arriving to Mongla Port shall exercise following precautionary measures:

a. No officer/crew shall be granted shore pass unless emergency and with prior approval of the Port Health Officer (PHO).

b. Signed off crew shall remain under health check up by PHO prior out pass from immigration office near MPA main jetty gate.

c. Any information regarding Monkeypox symptomatic patient on board ship shall be informed to Mongla Port Control Room (Phone no: 02478846166) and Port Health Office (Contact No: 01914-466764) immediately. In such case ship's movement/cargo operation will be subjected to the report of PHO inspection.

(For information about operations in Bangladesh, contact GAC-Uniglobal at [email protected])

Source: Mongla Port Authority Emergency Circular No.03/2022 dated 2 June 2022

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