Mitigating the spread of COVID-19

10 Mar 2020 / Papua New Guinea

All international vessels and port facilities are hereby directed to take heed of the following:

a) There is a suspension of shore leave by crew by all international vessels calling into all Papua New Guinea [PNG] port facilities.

b) There is a suspension of crew changes in all PNG port facilities.

c) No crew is allowed on the quayside of PNG port facilities.

d) No personnel from the portside are allowed on board any international vessel apart from those performing statutory functions and relevant stevedores.

e) All statutory functions undertaken by receiving PNG port personnel should be done strictly with the PNG National Department of Health guidelines and appropriate PPE.

f) All vessels are to be cleared in the nominated ports and port facilities as gazette by NDOH before any expedition to any other port of remote site.

g) Exemption to any of the above must be made to the Department of Transport for rare consideration.

Deliberate failure to comply with this Direction and Notice is a breach of the Regulation and can warrant a penalty fee of K100,000.00.

Any party having difficulty complying with these directions should immediately contact the First Assistant Secretary – Maritime Security Division on email: [email protected] or Ph. 3236187.

(For information about operations in Papua New Guinea, contact the GAC Singapore Hub Agency Centre at [email protected])

Source: Papua New Guinea Department of Transport Direction and Notice 2/2020 dated 3 March 2020

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