Minimum required measures

19 Mar 2020 / Mombasa, Kenya

The Port of Mombasa has implemented some minimum required measures to safeguard the country from the risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in respect of vessel's calling, berthing and performing operations at the port.

The Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) has assured all that no ship will be locked out of the port due to this matter, however, they shall put strict surveillance mechanism in place to ensure that the port is protected from corona virus infections.

  • All vessels from High, Medium and Low Risk areas to be inspected while alongside the berths and Port Health to deal with any suspected infected crew members.
  • Kenya Ports Authority pilots to wear protective gear prior boarding any ship.
  • No close interaction between KPA Pilot and ship crew.
  • Ship’s lifts must be disinfected prior boarding by KPA Pilot.
  • A Red Flag to be hosted on ships that have not gone through Free Pratique.
  • Ships’ Masters to ensure provision of sanitizers along the access gang ways.
  • KPA considering allocating some rooms for self-quarantine to be used by suspected ships’ crew while ship working in the port.
  • Seafarers from Non- High Risk areas to be considered for issuance of shore leave passes but to be allowed restricted movements within the port area and the Mission to Seafarers club only.
  • Ships Masters to ensure that both KPA Staff and Ship Contractors are restricted access to ship’s crew cabins, offices etc.

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